Hello TalkBoxRadio listeners!   I do hope you’re all enjoying the TalkBoxRadio episodes.

I’m really excited about the upcoming podcast this Saturday at 3 PM EST with Sean Pratt, a well seasoned Non Fiction Audiobook Narrator. Hoping to get lots of callers as well.  Here’s the info about the podcast:

Sean has provided me with some demos of his work, which I will be playing excerpts of on the show.

It’s always so fun to have callers read and get feedback. What a great experience for everyone to hear other people read and then get feedback.  We all learn from that.

Also, voice work is fun, right? There’s always a lot of energy generated from this kind of podcast.  Even if you don’t have a chance to tune in at the time of the show, you can listen to the show streamed to this site.

In the beginning of the show, Sean will talk about his background and experience in the business.  Since he’s done 900 audiobooks already, you figure he must have some great pearls of wisdom to bestow!

The best way to assure yourself the opportunity of speaking and/or reading for Sean will be to call in 15 minutes before showtime. We won’t be getting to your call immediately, but you will be in the cue.  As long as it’s within 15 minutes of showtime, I’ll pick up on your call and just ask you for your name.

You can listen to the show on your phone or online.  But if you want to talk with Sean, you will need to call in.

Looking forward to hearing from you on Saturday!

Lisa Erhard/ TalkBoxRadio host